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740 Ralph Mcgill Blvd Ne
Atlanta, GA 30312
ph. (470) 225-6162


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Date Event Time / Price
Feb23Fri ILLin-N-CHILIn – the music of the Beastie Boys & the Red Hot Chili Peppers 9:30 pm
Feb23Fri Bowie, Burgers, and Beer. 5:30 pm
Feb24Sat The Wiseman Brothers 1:00 pm
Feb24Sat Princess Brunch: Tangled! 10:30 am
Feb24Sat Hot Ice Live- Stevie Wonder Tribute 9:00 pm
Feb24Sat The Landing Party - Acoustic Yacht Rock with members of Yacht Rock Schooner 6:00 pm
Feb25Sun Harrison 75 - Nick, Tim and Friends Celebrate George Harrison’s 75th Birthday! 7:00 pm

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